Google has launched a new email product called “Inbox”, which has a web version and mobile apps on iOS and Android. The main idea behind Inbox is a card based UI, grouping, and task management for email.

Chris and Jonathan take a look and review the design of the web and mobile versions, listen and find out what we liked, and what we didn’t and most important what we learned about design.

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Inbox Main Site

Inbox iOS App

Inbox Android App

User Onboarding




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  1. One of my favorite things about Inbox is that it takes away the need to go through your email and mark each item as read/unread (unlike traditional email services and the Mailbox app). The emphasis is no longer on the NUMBER of emails you have to read, but what is most important and relevant to you. It takes the stress out of email and makes it digestible.

    Thank you for your review, very insightful.

    • Jonathan Nov 18, 2014

      Thanks Niki!

      Yeah it’s been great! Theres still a few spots it creates a few extra clicks but overall you are right it relieves some of the stress of digging through it all.

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