Recommended Podcasts for New Designers

October 12, 2017

We get a lot of questions from designs just starting their career. We hear you and we’ve covered the most common questions in some of our podcasts. Below are three excellent podcasts for new designers to kickstart their career. After you finish these, feel free to listen to the others, as all our podcasts are aimed to help you be a better designer. (With no chit chat of course1)

  1. Ep. 37 – Landing You First Design Job
  2. Ep. 55 – How to Succeed at Interviews
  3. Ep. 47 – How to plan your design career (from start to finish)

We put a lot of time and effort making these and we hope they help you kick start your career. If you enjoy them, don’t forget to let us know by leaving a review on iTunes!

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