It’s episode 50 everybody! Woo! We made it! Thanks to everyone for supporting us! But what would be even cooler is if you left us a message… 😀

This week, Chris and Jon talk about why companies STILL don’t get design, and try to figure out some ways that we can all solve this big problem together. Stay tuned for a monumental episode!

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3 comments on “Episode 50 – Improving Design Culture

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  1. #blurb — Great podcast! This has been such a major struggle, and the most worrisome part is that finding a brighter shade of green tends to be the better solution. I do think that no matter what all efforts should point to doing the best you can at bringing design to the table. If you don’t succeed, maybe the next designer will follow in your foot steps.

    tl;dr; Consider you might not be the only designer to ever work at your company. Pave the path as far as you can.

    • Jonathan Mar 14, 2017

      Thanks and great point! Leave your company better than you found it.

  2. Such a good podcast! There’s a lot of hair-pulling when it comes to executives and upper management not understanding both the process or the delivery. I get asked a lot by management how long it takes me to design (insert any design asset here) and it’s demeaning, because instead of seeing that designers can be deadline driven, they try to put a number on each type of asset you’re working on because it fits better with the way they organize their budget.

    This podcast relates well to your previous podcast “The Dangers of Empathy”. Like you said, its your job as a designer to teach others what you do, how you do it and what to expect. The hard part of this situation is when the client is biased and takes the design/aesthetic to a personal, subjective level, how do you defend your work and try to change the way people perceive design AND still keep your job?

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