The Design Review is a bi-weekly podcast about products and design from a unique perspective!

Each episode, we discuss important design principles and connect it to our own experience working in the field. As designers passionate about our field, we hope it will be interesting and informative, along with entertaining!

Your 2 hosts each week are Chris and Jonathan, with possible guest hosts too!




Chris Liu

About Chris

Chris has many years under his belt working as a designer in various capacities in a wide array of industries, from enterprise software to consumer products. Chris currently works at Mercedes-Benz R&D North America working on car UX and advanced concepts. You can find him on Twitter at @machinehuman!


About JonathanJonathan Shariat

Jonathan is currently Director of Product at Therapydia and has been designing products for over 6 years. Before that he was all over the place. He was a comic artist, animator, and Kids TV show producer. Jonathan likes design, probably too much, and spends a lot of time on the internet reading and writing about it. Follow him on twitter @DesignUXUI where he posts only the good stuff.

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  1. jmacias Oct 8, 2014

    Cant seem to find your podcast in Castro, is there a feed url?

  2. You talk about “show notes” on the podcast, where do I find these elusive show notes? 🙂

    • …To be more specific: I’m looking for the show notes to episode 38 – Unloading Cognitive Load. But on this website on the Episodes page, there’s only a handful of the shows.

  3. In one of your early podcasts you made a mention of eBooks that you both recommended at Audible – the url was But this link doesn’t seem to be working. Is this incorrect or no longer working? Please let me know. Thanks!